Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Houston restaurants = Endless

We used to be known as the fattest city in America...well all I have to say is that we like good food! We may have started slimming down, but when you take a closer look into Houston's restaurants, you'll find hidden treasures. 

This top 10 list from Culture Map would be a great list to work off of if you're going to start trying new restaurants:


My personal favorite though is Urbanspoon! You've probably heard of it because of it's known app for almost all phones - But the website is even better!


Urbanspoon is a place where you give reviews for restaurants, add your favorites, and they even give you Top 10 lists for different categories. It's best if you have the app on your phone because based on your location, it picks places close to you (also based on your selected choices of price range and type of food). Then once you eat there, go back to it on your phone and give a review!

Amazing and pretty convenient if you ask me.

Me and Scott tried telling ourself a long time ago that we would eat at the first place Urbanspoon randomly chose on my phone...however, I don't even think we kept that up after the first place it gave us. Maybe that would be fun to try again...