Thursday, October 29, 2009

New favorite snack

Nature Valley - who doesn't love this brand of granola snacks? Well if you thought you did, or don't know, or hate them, then wait until you try their new Granola Nut Clusters (specifically Honey Roasted Peanut, yum!)

They are the perfect bite sized snack to pop in your mouth for a sweet and salty flavor - peanuts, cashews, granola, honey, salt...perfect. The serving size is 7 pieces, which doesn't seem like much, but since it's nuts then I get filled up faster and still have a satisfied sweet tooth. Again, who doesn't love this brand and their delicious snacks, I know you want to go try these now!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy National Chocolate Day!

Yep, today's the day when you don't have to feel bad about eating too many pieces of your favorite chocolate bar or taking the larger chocolate cake piece! Treat yourself to a little more and don't feel guilty - Happy Chocolate Day!

I treated myself to mini cupcakes from Peace O' Cake today - Black and White and Cookies and Cream. Black and white is a dark chocolate cake with a cream cheese filling - my favorite!! And cookies and cream tasted just like the ice cream or a delicious shake. If you want to make something yourself, here are a few ideas to get the chocolate melting

Thinking about chocolate and all the ways I love it, I have to say this:

Type - Dark

Preparation - chocolate covered fruit

Memory - the chocolate river from Willy Wonka

Chocolate Bar - Take 5 and Reese's

Find yourself some delicious chocolate and remember it's not always bad for you :o)

Enjoy and stay sweet!

Welcome to my all food blog!!

Now I have a place to talk just about food - perfect :o) Let me know what you think and even if you want me to feature anything!

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Stay sweet,