Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cake by distinctive details

Peace O' Cake now has legit competition! Cake (by distinctive details) is now opened on the south side of town of Lubbock.

It's in a corner location, but made use of their space by making the counter in the center when you walk in, to the right has their logo merchandise, and to the left is a sprinkles bar to further decorate your little treats. They serve 7 flavors a day, with usually 5 staying the same. Today I couldn't go until 4, but I got their just in time to get 2 of the last ones! They had their signature chocolate, the diner, orange blossom, snickerdoodle, black forest, and velvet elvis left. I got the last snickerdoodle, the last orange blossom, and a signature chocolate. I should have just gotten a fourth one...probably the velvet elvis, but I guess I'll just have to go back another time!

All three were delicious! As I was taking pictures and eating a few bites of each, it was hard to choose my favorite. The signature chocolate is a dark chocolate cake, chocolate chips on the bottom, a small amount of chocolate buttercream, and topped with dark chocolate ganache ~ a chocolate lover's heaven!! The cake was moist and of course all the chocolates were perfect.

The orange blossom was a light, white cake with a hint of orange flavor, filled with raspberry jam like filling. It was topped with buttercream and a smear of the same raspberry on top. Not because it's a cupcake... but this could be a dessert after a heavy meal. It was so light and I felt like I could easily eat the entire thing without feeling gross.

The final lucky cupcake was the snickerdoodle. I love them as cookies, but never get them, I just always think of my mom - When we were little and at the mall with her, me and my younger sister Madison always got the treat of getting an American Cookie Company cookie, and my mom always always always got their snickerdoodle. So I just had to choose that one since I haven't seen her in weeks. It was worth it! It was a moist cinnamon cake topped with cream cheese icing and topped with a layer of cinnamon and sugar. By the time I tried it tonight, the sugar had hardened on top, so their was a great grainy texture when I ate the icing.

Now for pictures??

Signature Chocolate

Orange Blossom


End result - After thinking long and hard, I have to say my favorite of these 3 was the orange blossom. Now as much as I love chocolate, the signature was good, but almost just like any other chocolate cake or cupcake you and find. The snickerdoodle was also delicious, and unique to me, but for some reason the orange blossom is what I'm still tasting and thinking about!

Goodnight and sweet cupcake dreams, Taylor