Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best of Lubbock

Over the past 3 years here in Lubbock, I feel like I've tried most local restaurants in town...however, now that I'm working in a locally owned cupcake store, I was wrong about what I thought. There are so much more restaurants in Lubbock that are just not known around campus. So in spite of this reality, here are my top 5 favorite restaurants (before trying more local places) and then 5 that I will try before graduating!

Jazz - originally from Lubbock

A whole-in-the-wall sized restaurant with the most delicious cajun food! My favorite is their stuffed zucchini which is actually an appetizer but is so filling. It's a fulled size zucchini filled with spicy, cajun flavors like shrimp, crawfish then fried - There's no way to describe it and even come close to getting it justice!

Orlando's Italian Restaurant

Other than Italian food being my favorite (or what I crave the most!) this is one of my favorite Italian places anywhere. Each of the locations in Lubbock are always busy, but once you sit down you feel like you are there forever and eating for hours on end! My favorite appetizer to get is the Garlic-Parmesan bread with the spaghetti meat sauce...another meal in itself! Everything else is also just as delicious - you can't go wrong ordering.

Gardski's Loft

Always the go-to place when everywhere else is crowded or doesn't sound good. It used to be a house, and is still a two story, open concept environment. They serve mainly comfort food (chicken fried steak, burgers, wraps) but my favorites are their California Chicken, chicken with avacados and pepperjack cheese, and Grilled Tilapia with fresh veggies. Fish is something I love but have been picky about it since I'm more than 500 miles away from the ocean, but this tilapia is delicious every time! This is also where I always go the Sunday I take anyone to the airport to leave Lubbock - me and my dad have probably been there 4 or 5 times just on Sundays


Good ole' Spanky's - One of the best burger you can find. Any burger guru needs to visit Lubbock just for Spanky's! Besides their burgers, they also have huge sandwiches and the best fried cheese you can find! Each piece is cut in a block, and probably equals about 5 of the regular sized fried cheese you would think of, and it's fried in something other than the usual dark crumbs...everything about this place is delcious!

Las Brisas Southwest Steakhouse

The place to eat at when some money has been saved up :) In the nice part of Lubbock, this steakhouse has everything a normal steakhouse does, but also a few southwestern type meals too. (fajitas and enchiladas). Their steak is one of the best I've had, and it's served with asparagus and cheesy mashed potatoes. I will be visiting Las Brisas any time I come back to Lubbock since I will hopefully have money to spend on a great meak!

Now I know you might not be visiting Lubbock anytime soon, but if you ever get the urge then these are the top 5 places I would first recommend....but then I could keep going on with every other place I love here - Stella's, One Guy From Italy, Triple J's, Skyviews, Abuelo's....

And now the 5 places I will try before leaving in December:

La Diosa

Lujan's Mexican

Cafe J

Thai Pepper

82nd Street Cafe

As of Friday I had 50 days in Lubbock until graduation so I better get to trying all these placea! Until then, goodnight and I'll update you on more Lubbock's best soon!