Wednesday, February 24, 2010

something in the water?

Just about every other woman I know is expecting a little one very soon! One of my best friends, Amber, has an "almost relative" (a longer story to tell at a later time) who had a baby shower this past weekend. Well the grandma-to-be, Kathy, called and asked if I would make the cupcakes for the shower!

I obviously jumped on the opportunity and had a blast! I don't have pictures from the shower, but I do have a few keepsakes of the little cakes...

There were 30 in total - 10 with yellow icing (paler than the pictures show), 10 with green, and 10 with baby blue. 15 of the cupcakes were straight chocolate, request from the mom-to-be, and the other half were my personal favorite, Chocolate with cream cheese filling ~ Yum!

With a ton of help from my Mom tying on all the decorative ribbons, I made a mess in the kitchen but LOVED baking for someone else's enjoyment!